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On June 4th, Canada's major environmental organizations, together with leading charities, unions, bloggers, and others will darken their websites and join thousands of Canadians like you to Speak Out in defence of nature and democracy.

Speak Out on Facebook

Change your profile picture:

Update your facebook status to say:
"I'm speaking out in defence of nature and democracy #BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT http://bit.ly/KC6bzE". Share this now

Speak Out on Twitter

Add a Black Out Speak Out twibbon to your profile picture.

Tweet this: Will u speak out 4 nature / democracy? #BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT http://bit.ly/KC6bzE @pmharper @bobraeMP @ElizabethMay @ThomasMulcair @danielpaille

Tweet this: I'm calling on our leaders #cpc #lpc #ndp #gpc #bq to speak out for nature / democracy #BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT http://bit.ly/KC6bzE #cdnpoli


send your own message using #BLACKOUTSPEAKOUT and http://bit.ly/KC6bzE

Rally your friends, family and colleagues and organize an event or activity to demonstrate your support for nature and democracy on June 4th.

For Organizations and Groups:

If you are interested in "blacking out" your website on June 4th, visit our instruction page to learn how.

Blacking out your site does not require you to shut it down for the day. You will have the option of inserting a splash page that will cover your homepage while maintaining the functionality of your site.

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